​Cold Air 4 Pack $29.99

Once a dent has been repaired with (PDR) it never comes back!


Blue Puller $13.99  

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How to turn unsightly dent into..

Fast Paintless Dent Removal...       
Need to get a dent fix?...  Here's a fast way how to remove dents.  Paintless Dent Removal (Pdr), is a method of dent pulling.  Save money removing minor to major dings and dents using special tools, that pops a dent out, pulls or massages dents fast. Without removing any paint from the vehicle. Quickly and easy using simple techniques on all types of car dent repairs. From behind the panel, or from the front using specialized  pdrzone.com  fast dent repair tools. 

Benefits of car Mobile dent pulling right now?

You can do it yourself,  auto hail damage repairs are done cheaper.  The most important benefit is quality. This easy method is fast and the closest you can get to the dent never happening. If you have a car scratch, depending how deep, car scratch repairs will require more work like grinding, bondo, fillers, or primers are needed because your original factory paint is disturbed. There are no problems with filler or paint shrinkage months after the dent fix as is typical with most conventional repairs.

​​​​​     Cost is another benefit of fast Paintless Dent Removal...

A typical estimate for a single minor dent from a body shop usually ranges between $100 - $300 or higher. Do it yourself Paintless Dent Repair can do the same for $35 and up depending on the kit. Believe in yourself.

​​Disadvantage ...

Areas that have bondo and fillers can possibly "flake or chip off" requiring more repairs.      

This is an issue the customer needs to be informed of before repairs are made.


Some repairs require more work then what you may think. Be Savoy ...

​​HINT (Do not hammer on aluminum or plastic) ​HINT

If you have small dents in a steel part: there are lots of tools used to perform different tasks. Glue pullers, sand bags, push rods, slide hammer, plunger style pullers,  Work from the shallow sides of the dent toward the deeper areas and avoid overworking the metal, which can stretch it.

​Call a Pro

There are inexpensive specialty shops that just fix dents and dings. Many of these “paintless” dent-repair specialists are mobile and will come to you. Always get an estimate before you commit to having work done.

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